Remove category & tag base from WordPress url
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Remove category & tag base from WordPress url

WordPress permalinks add category as a base in URL of categories where your URL becomes /category/categoryname/ there is no issue in using this URL. But still many of us need to remove this category or tag base from the url to keep it short and more seo friendly. So here are 3 methods to remove category base.

Following are the 3 methods to remove category & tag base from wordpress URL :

Remove category & tag base from wordpress URL without using any plugin.

Login to WordPress Admin and go to Settings => Permalinks and then follow below steps to remove category & tag base.

  • Set your permalinks Custom Structure as =>  /%category%/%postname%/
  • Set Category base =>  (dot not /) only add DOT
  • Save the permalink structure and it will work 100% fine. Just go to front-end and check the URL’s

Refer below screen for reference :

Remove category & tag base from WordPress url

This will remove the category tag base without using any additional plugins.

Removing Category From Your URLs With .htaccess

To remove the category base manually in the .htaccess file just add this line of code.

Removing The Category Base with the Remove Category URL Plugin

You can also remove the category base using plugin where you just need to install plugin and activate and make correct settings. We do not recommend this method because too many plugins will slow your website down and require you to keep more plugins up to date.

Plugin Link : Remove Category URL

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