Store passwords securely in PHP to prevent password hacking
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Store passwords securely in PHP to prevent password hacking

While creating an application using PHP there are maximum chances that you have login for which you have to store user data which also contain passwords for login. We will show you, how you can store password securely in PHP.

Methods to store passwords securely.

There are many method to secure the password in PHP by encrypting passwords with functions like crypt(), md5(), password_hash() etc. This methods basically encrypt your password with inbuilt algorithm which make it not readeable for humans. So no one knows what is a password by looking into the encrypted password string.

Hashing a Password with password_hash() function.

password_hash function create password with hashing algorithm. It works with PHP 5.5+ versions and have strong one-way hashing algorithm. It is also compatible with crypt() function so hashes created by the function crypt() can also be used with password_hash() function.

It support 2 algorithm which are PASSWORD_DEFAULT and PASSWORD_BCRYPT.

PASSWORD_DEFAULT – Default algo is presently BCRYPT only and will produce a 60 character of string in result. But as this is default and can be change overtime so you need to have good space in database to store it. Keeping your password field in database with 255 characters will help to take care increased string encryption in future.

PASSWORD_BCRYPT – Using the PASSWORD_BCRYPT as the algo, will result in password parameter being truncated to a maximum length of 72 characters.

To create password from hash is simple. Below is the code which will convert your password into hash.

In above code we pass the password which we want to hash and got the hash encrypted string which is secure and can be store in database. So any one having access to database will only see the hash string and not a actual password.

Validate and Check the hash password.

We will validate the password from the stored one in hash format and the new one entered by user. We will keep thing simple and easy to understand. Below is the code where password_verify do all the task and we just need to pass the stored hash string and new string. password_verify() function returns Boolean i.e true & false which says password is matched or not.

In the above example the password will match because we have provided a same password as stored earlier in hash format. You can also use password_verify() function for the hash created with crypt() function.

Always store passwords by encrypting them with a secure method. Above example are tested in PHP 5.6+ version so you can leave comment below in case of any issue you face while working with same and we will be happy to help you out.

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