Magento 2 Forgot Password Says Too many password reset requests.
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Magento 2 Forgot Password Says Too many password reset requests.

Magento 2 “Forgot Password” give error to users saying ( Too many password reset requests. Please wait and try again or contact )

This problem generally occur when you have big website use by many users and Magento have some limit for security where the Magento limit the number of password reset request per hour to 5 by default and Minimum delay between password reset request is 10 Minutes by default. You have to increase this limit if number of users are more and you are getting the problem.

To FIX this problem. You can follow below steps.

Under store -> configuration -> customer -> customer configuration you have the password option fields.

Edit those settings according to your needs (ex. Min Time Between Password Reset Requests: 0 to disable limits between each attempt of password resets)

Below is the screen for reference :

Forgot Password Settings

With above settings you can increase the limit to resolve the error you are getting on multiple password reset request.

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