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Virtuemart 3 code to track order transaction in Google Analytic

Virtuemart 3 is used to create eCommerce store using Joomla CMS. While working with eCommerce site there is always a requirement of tracking. The most used third party tracking is

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Tips to Speed Up Your Joomla Website Performance

Know how you can increase the joomla website performance by speeding up the load time with the help of various tips and techniques. Speed of website has become important topic

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Security tips to protect joomla website from hackers

Protect joomla website from various hacking attempts which results because of various reasons like using of default database prefix jos__ , weak passwords or username, external plugin / components /

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Easy steps on how to Install Joomla on your server

Flexible and well coded content management system (CMS), which enables you to create Web sites and strong online applications. We will show you with step by step flow on how