Modify Google Analytics ecommerce transaction
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Modify Google Analytics ecommerce transaction

Most of the ecommerce site are connected with google analytics to get sales performance and submit all transaction to google for getting performance overview and get sales report. But in process of doing that many cancel order / pending order / test orders are also get tracked to google and question arise what to do to correct them ?

A tool is available where you can generate Hits to google transaction. Below is the link for same.

Hit Builder :

This tools allows you to construct and validate Measurement Protocol hits using the Measurement Protocol Validation Server.

Just visit the link and login to google analytic account.

You will see below screen where you can enter the details.

After entering the details hit and validat. Refer below screen.

What all parameters in above screen mean ? Below are the details.

v => Version. The value of this parameter is always 1.

t => transaction hit type. Example of other hit types: pageview, screenview, event, item etc.

tid => your property ID. Example: UA-12345-12

cid => Anonymous Client ID. Example: 555 or any alphanumeric number.

ti => your transaction ID. Example: 12345

ta => Transaction affiliation. Example: WesternWear

tr => Transaction revenue. Example: 50.00

ts => Transaction shipping. Example: 32.00

tt => Transaction tax. Example: 12.00

cu => your Currency code. Example: EUR, USD etc

For more parameter reference refer below link.

For example on common hits refer below link.

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